Monday, April 6, 2009

The Sword Arts of the Samurai

I-Shin Do Ken (心道剣) (Sword Spirit Way) - Kenjutsu School
Kenjutsu - the study of Japanese sword strategy.

The I-shin Do Ken - Kenjutsu School is run by Dr. Eugene Botha who has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years. Eugene has studied various martial arts and Professionally instructed in the Martial arts before changing careers.

Eugene is a continuing student, practitioner and teacher of Martial Arts, Philosophy and Energy Medicine.

"My passion is to be in service of observing my students grow, and understand Self,
through the Way of Worrior Spirit" - "Kokoro Takeshi 心武"

At the school we explore our Self through the Way of the Samurai, philosophy, strategy in battle and life, including the study and preservation of various weapons and collectables from the Samurai era in Japan.

Our instruction centers around mastery of the Japanese long sword (Katana), the short sword(Wakizashi), knife fighting (Tanto-jutsu), long staff weapons (jo-jutsu) and unarmed techniques known as muto, or “without sword” (including joint mobilization, throws, grappling, striking techniques, etc.).

The guidance of our training is through “The Way” (Bushido). The Way of the Warrior directs a student to how, he/she can respect and express the inherent true “Self” through the rigors of training and study of the Martial Arts.

As students of the I-shin Do ken - Kenjutsu School, we also explore our experience in the training and philosophy as a means to explore and understand who we are.

The term Mune Muso is the expression used when thought, word and action merge as one.
Essentially a state of being without the interference of Mind.

The Mune Muso Kenjutsu Dojo is based in Randburg.
Class is once a week at the Robin Hills Scout hall, Cnr Cherry Road and Oorbietjie Street, Robin Hills.

Classes are held every Wednesday evening from 19h00-21h00.

Please feel free to contact Eugene at: / 082 7791159

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Training.

At the I-Shin Do Ken - Kenjitsu School the main focus is on training techniques and strategy with the Katana.(Japanese Long sword).
名刀 Mei To (Selebrated Katana)

Techniques include: The various cuts, drawing and sheathing, evasion techniques, blocking techniques, formal sequences, partner work and tameshigiri (cutting rolled straw mats) to test the efficacy of the students cutting techniques.

We practice tameshigiri in order to test our skills that result from hours of training.

Traditionally a mat made of rice straw is used called Tatami. The mat is rolled up and then presented on a cutting stand as a target.

Other training may include:Wakizashi (Short sword), Tanto (dagger), Jo (short staff) and unarmed combat techniques.

The Classes:

Classes are geared toward combat strategies of the Japanese sword arts, combining physical and subtle aspects that a warrior needs to be a rounded Human Being and harmoniously able to respond to daily living. A warriors path is not just about killing. The skills learned in training and the strategies assist us in all aspects of our lives. As in all Bushido, Warrior training requires that the formalities and required respect met. Student at my school are encouraged to strive to uphold these manners and etiquette as part of their development.

I emphasise the training towards the development of the student on the Warrior path to discover who they are as "warriors or seekers" of the Self.

Classes may have a Philosophical aspect to them to invoke understanding and bring on the awareness of living the Bushido Way.

Training starts with the bokken (wooden sword) and once I feel that a student can be safe with his/her live blade I will allow its use with certain training. I recommend that all students acquire an Iaito(a Katana replica that is not sharp) in order to train safely.

Safety is of the utmost importance and is strictly expected from each student. Those that do not cooperate are asked to leave.

Joining the I-Shin Do Ken - Kenjutsu School

As a new student of the Mune Muso Kenjitsu Dojo here's what you need:

A Judo or Karate Suit - In the beginning you can wear gym clothes that are easy to move in.

A Bokken (wooden katana) - The bokken we prefer are specially made for us to replicate the swords (katana) we use and withstand our rigorous training. So my recommendation is to purchase one of these from me. Please NOTE! Plastic bokken are not allowed. They more often lead to injuries as they are not designed for safety in training.

Venue address: Robbin Hills Scout Hall. Corner Cherry Drive and Oorbietjie street, Robbin Hills.

Times of Classes: One class currently on a Wednesday evening starting at 7pm ending at 9pm.

Fees: One class a week: R200 per month. There is only one class per week at the moment. This will change to R400 p/m when 2 classes per week are introduced. These fees are payable regardless of how many classes are attended.

Please Contact me on:

Mune Muso Kenjitsu Dojo Association

We are closely associated with the Sorato Ryu Kenjitsu Heiho in Cape Town.

John van Zijl (Kaicho) and

Eugene Botha (Sensei)